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Caffe del Yesyes |

You'll want to call up your nonno (grandfather) and weep yes yes at him after trying this devinely refreshing caffè crema. Recipe from Laboratorio Dell'espresso.

Prep time: 1.5 hours

Cooking time: -

Makes: 3 small cups


250ml strong coffee

2tsp sugar

250ml double cream

1. Coff and you'll miss it

Get your buzz on to begin this recipe; brew 250ml of strong coffee (that's 20 grams of coffee grounds and 250ml of water). Once brewed stir in 2tsp sugar and place the coffee in the fridge to create a fridge smell more like a piazza in Firenze than last weeks unused vegetables, and to cool the coffee as well, of course. Leave for around an hour.

2. Whisky business

Once the coffee has cooled, whip 250ml double cream until stiff peaks just start to form. Be diplomatic like the UN, and add in the Coffee (Annan) very gradually, whisk judiciously as you add the coffe in.

Once combined, and more dense than a nonno's anecdote's about his childhood, place in a sealed container in the freezer. Leave for at least an hour, stirring every 20 minutes so that ice crystals don't form.

Whisk again when ready to serve. Serve in a small glass with a sprinkle of chocolate or crunchy coffee beans.

Dinko e sinko!

Food for Thought

Lizzy says: "Welcome to the world's greatest poo emoji looking food. When Kate and I were in Bolzano *sheds tear in nostalgia* we detoured to have one of these everyday. Grandpa's coffee is creamy and sweet and so perfect on a hot day. I think this recipe was good, but I added too much coffee and not enough sugar! I also left the rest in the freezer too long and it went very crystallized. I would make this again, but would drink it a lot quicker. 9/10"

Kate says: "Are you a fellow Bolzano babe, dreaming of summer and the ice cream coffee hybrid you could be having? Yeah, same. Although this isn't quite the same as a fresh cup of Caffe del Nonno in an Italian square, it is still deliciously comforting and creamy. I would leave my mixture in the freezer for a little longer to get the consistency just right but its still a good one for a sweltering summers day. Yummy. 10/10

9.5/10 Gasps


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