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Thumb Biscuits |

Fee fi fo thumb, these biscuits will be a GIANT success because they are from our favourite ever fellow lazy baker, Jessica Elliott Dennison and her newest cookbook, Lazy Baking

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 12 minutes

Makes: 18 small biscuits


125g butter

100g sugar

1 egg

2tsp vanilla extract

300g plain flour

40g plain almonds

1/2tsp baking powder

pinch of salt

1-2 tbsp of chopped herbs of choice e.g. rosemary, thyme, tarragon

your favourite jam(s)

1. Whisky business

Let's get cracking by mixing together 125g butter, 100g sugar, 1 egg, 2tsp vanilla extract

Next add the dry ingredients: 300g plain flour, 40g plain almonds, 1/2tsp baking powder, pinch of salt and herbs of choice.Get your hands in there and mould into a smooth ball. Resist temptation to eat all of the dough before baking...

2. Thumb Together

Split the mummy ball of dough into 18 baby balls weighing around 30g each. Add these to a baking tray and press your thumb like your entering the USA , creating an indent

Add half a teaspoon of your favourite jam into the newly created hole and bake in the oven for 12 minutes or until golden. Use multiple jam flavours if you too have 3 half-finished jars of jam in your fridge from past gasps.

Dink and sink!

Food for Thought

Lizzy says: ""

Kate says: "At this point, Jessica Elliot Dennison is our religion. And lucky for us she's released a new holy text - Lazy Baking. I am so excited to make more treats from it but these were a perfect start. I am a sucker for mixing savoury and sweet together so I loved the herbs in the biscuit with the jam, and they were so soft and crumbly - perfect with a cup of fennel tea! Also, as the title "Lazy baking" suggests - these are super easy and quick for a Friday afternoon bake. I love them and want to eat them all the time, just writing this review is making me want to bake them again 10/10"

.../10 Gasps


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