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Thai Breaker Curry §

This vegan Thai aubergine and pepper curry is a creamy dreamy come true. It is rich and filling, but will leave you wanting more! Recipe from gousto.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Makes: Enough for 2


130g basmati rice

1 lime

40g Thai red curry paste sachet

300ml vegetable stock

25g of roasted peanuts

3 kaffir lime leaves (or if you're missing them sub in some bay leaves)

15g ginger

400ml (1 tin) coconut milk

1 red pepper

1 red chilli

1 aubergine

10g coriander

1 fresh lemongrass

1. Don't lemongrass on this recipe

Get stuck in by preparing the sticky rice. Take one piece of lemon grass and take out some pent up lockdown aggression on it; use a rolling pin or any other blunt instrument (maybe wear gloves if you don't want the weapon to be tied to you later in a lemongrass murder case) and bash the lemongrass. Remove the tough outer layers and put them to the side for later. Finely chop the soft inner core.

2. Ricing up back in the pan

Measure out 130g rice in a pot. Add 200ml, half a tin, of coconut milk and 100ml boiling water. Nestle your lemongrass on top, salt generously, about 1 1/2tsp.

Simmer on a medium-high heat and cook for 10 minutes. Then remove the rice from the heat and cover your pot with foil or a lid, set aside. This will give your rice time to get sticky.

3. Keep calm and curry on

While the rice is bubbling away, start on your aubergine curry. Giggle at the euphemistic shape of your aubergine and then chop it into bite size chunks. Deseed your romano pepper and also chop into bite size chunks. You will have a rainbow array of bite sized veggies before you now. Add to it by chopping or grating your thumb sized piece of ginger (hopefully you don't have monster thumbs otherwise this will be very gingery). Then finely dice your chilli, removing the seeds unless you're a thrill seeker (spice is the closest thing we have to adrenaline activities in lockdown).

Heat a large saucepan on a medium high heat and add a dash of vegetable oil and then your aubergine and pepper bite sized chunks. Cook for a few minutes until softened.

While your vegetables are doing the opposite of any inmate and softening up, ready your 300ml of vegetable stock. Leave to the side to stew and mingle.

Next, add your chopped ginger, chopped lemongrass inner core, your three kaffir lime leaves, 3 large tbsp or 40g of Thai red curry paste and 3/4 of your chopped red chilli. Cook for 1 minute or until fragrant.

Now add your coconut milk and veg stock to the veg medley (vegdly?). Also add 1 tsp of sugar to balance all that creaminess.

Cook for around 8 minutes until the vegetables have fully softened and the sauce has thickened.

4. Cori-and-a-nother step

While your curry is stewing down, prepare your aromatic accoutrements. Finely chop up a small bunch of coriander, 5g, and a lime.

Time to get out some more aggression and bash up some peanuts. In a freezer bag using a rolling pin or a pestle and mortar, crush your 25g peanuts to manageable chonks.

5. Thai it all together

Once your curry has simmered down, add in the chopped coriander and half of the likes juice.

Taste for seasoning, you might want to add salt and pepé. Stir it up! Add half of your sticky rice and half of the curry to a plate. Top with some more coriander leaves and your cronchy peanuts.

Dink and sink!

Food for Thought

Lizzy says: "Very sneakily we stole this recipe from a meal box without getting all the ingredients delivered! It was very easy to make, even if we did misunderstand the recipe and add coconut milk to the rice (we are worthy of running a food blog, I swear).. And in the end the coconut milk rice was the cherry on top of the thai curry cake. The curry itself was very rich and filling, but with plenty of vegetables so you don’t feel bad going back for inevitable seconds (or even thirds, as I did…). Added bonus: it’s vegan! I will keep making this forever 10/10 "

Kate says: "This recipe was easy peasy lime squeezy and thoroughly delicious. I feel like recently we've been making more challenging dishes so it was nice to kick back and knock out a great dinner in less than half an hour (that is unheard of for our regular GWS). This was also the first dish from our 2021 vegan lent (aka Vent) but the lack of animal products in this in no way detracts from its yumminess. It is warmingly spicy, with aubergine and peppers cooked down to perfection, and a lovely tang of lime. We accidentally double coconuted and cooked our rice in coconut milk too - but that actually worked out really nicely to give more flavour. This would have scored highly from me anyway given just how easy it is, but then considering how damn good it tasted I think it's only right to give it top marks with a top gasp of 10/10 "

10/10 Gasps


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