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Tamarind curry § ±

Warm yourself up on those depressing lockdown days with some bright orange sweet potato and a delicious tomato salad to remind you of the ever so near, but ever so far summer with this recipe from Anna Jones.

Prep time: 15 mins

Cooking time: 45 mins

Makes: 4 servings

Ingredients curry:

2 onions, peeled and thinly sliced

2 tbsp garam masala

800g sweet potato

400ml tin coconut milk

2 tbsp tamarind paste

Ingredients salad:

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

500g tomatoes

1 lime

1 small bunch coriander

1 red onion

Olive oil

1. Keep calm and curry on

Peel your sweet potatoes and onion. Cut the potatoes into chunks and slice the onions thinly.

While you are slicing up your onion, heat a good glug of oil in a large saucepan. Look at you go, multi-tasking, who'd have thought it?! Miracles ever cease! Add the onion and cook until soft and slightly caramelised; around 15 minutes.

Next, add your 2tbsp of garam masala and toast it for a couple of minutes until it smells fragrant.

Add in your 800g of peeled and cut sweet potatoes, tin of coconut milk and 2 tbsp of tamarind paste. Make sure you have the foresight to check if you have enough tamarind (guess who didn't), if not do an emergency halving of the recipe.

Get sweet and low and leave to reduce on a low heat for ~30 minutes stirring occasionally until the sweet potato is cooked. Once reduced, add more salt and tamarind to taste, tamarind for more sour, salt for more...well...salt.

Sneak peak/spoiler alert of the forthcoming tomato salad

2. Here today, gone tomato

While the curry is reducing, prepare the (frankly life-changing) tomato salad.

Toast 1/2tsp cumin seeds in a dry saucepan for a couple of minutes. When they are smelling fragrant take them off the heat. They may seem lonely in the pan, but a small amount goes a long way.

Channel your inner 2006 Cooking Mama, and roughly chop the 500g of tomatoes, dice the red onion and chop the coriander and mix in a bowl along with the toasted cumin seeds. Zest and juice in the lime, add a splash of olive oil, a good pinch of salt and pepper and mix it all together, voila! You have your salad.

Serve alongside the curry with rice and/or flatbreads : dink and sink!

Food for Thought

Lizzy says: "I love the tanginess of tamarind, and this was oh so tangy - especially with the added toms. I really liked the result, but I found it way too dry. I think I would add some stock to the curry to counteract this next time - or perhaps serve it with bread. The flavours were all there, but the texture could be tampered with a little. 8/10"

Kate says: "I moved flats recently and my pot of tamarind moved with me. That may have been a mistake as I'm not sure how long it had been lurking in my fridge. Therefore, my curry had a kind of funky flavour to it which I don't think it would have had my tamarind been fresh... Nevertheless, it was still a good dinner especially the tomato salad. Man alive! I will 100% be making that again! I wouldn't say no to a second date with the tamarind curry, as long as the tamarind was fresh. 7/10 "

7.5/10 Gasps


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