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Shew Me The Salad §

Otto is back at it again, making simple, light and delicious recipe with heaps of flavour. This cashew salad makes a great side to any meal. This recipe is from Ottolenghi's Guardian column.

Prep time: 15 mins

Cooking time: 10 mins

Makes: 2 portions

Ingredients salad:

1 cucumber 200g cherry tomatoes 1/2 red onion 1 carrot 1/2 red chilli 10g parsley 1/4 tsp nigella seeds

Ingredients cashews: 50g cashew nuts 1/2 tsp olive oil 1tsp madras curry powder

Ingredients tamarind dressing: 35g tamarind puree 3/4 tbsp maple syrup Juice of one lime Ingredients mint dressing: 10g mint leaves 1 garlic clove 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice 32ml olive oil

1. Don't brine if I do

Before you get nutty with excitement about starting to make this salad, pre-heat your oven to 170C.

Whilst your oven is getting toasty, find yourself a large bowl and add your sliced cucumber and tomatoes. Salt bae sprinkle over a half a tsp salt and consider whether this salad should be gold encrusted (it shouldn't, it is already a precious jewel in its own right). Leave the mixture to the side for 30 minutes.

2. This is nut the end

Now find yourself a much smaller bowl and mix together 1/2tsp olive oil and 1tsp curry powder, a 1/4tsp salt then add 50g cashew nuts and toss.

Time to make use of your roasty toasty oven: spread the saucey cashews onto a small tray and roast them for 15 minutes, or until they're a dark golden brown and look like they've spent to long on a tanning bed - they are saucey nuts now afterall, and they're out to land a rich cash(ew) cow. Leave the roasted gold digger cashews out to cool.

3. Adress the flavour

Whilst your nuts are cooking, making the dressings. Mix 35g tamarind puree 3/4 tbsp maple syrup and the juice of one lime in a small bowl and set to the side.

Get ready to blend your mint dressing: mix 10g mint leaves, a garlic clove, a tbsp of lemon juice and 32ml of olive oil in a bowl or a blender and pulverize until it's smooth and silky.

4. Well I've got a brand new combined salad

Now all of the different elements of the salad are ready; it's time to bring them together - nip off and shave your head, paint a blue arrow on top, don an orange cloak and make like the last air bender, get all those elements under your control and make something great.

Drain the cucumber and tomato that has been sweating it out, waiting for your return and tip them onto a serving dish or into a large bowl. Top with slice of 1/2 red onion, ribbons peeled from 1 carrot, 1/2 red chilli sliced, 10g parsley ripped and both of the dressings.

Top with your cashews and 1/4tsp nigella seeds. And its ready to brighten up your table!

Have a precarious, dangly dink and sink!

Food for Thought

Lizzy says: "Ottolenghi (or Otto as we fondly know him) is always a reliable recipe source. This recipe was no exception; it was full of vegetables which all went together exquisitely, and the dressings added a lovely hit of sweet and sour. I only added about a tablespoon of the tamarind dressing and was glad, because it was a very strong flavour and quite acidic. The nuts added a nice texture as well. Overall, I think this was a bit of a complicated salad for the end results and there was A LOT of washing up afterwards, which I didn't appreciate. 7/10"

Kate says: "Otto, my favourite of the Lenghis, usually provides such good recipes (see for example the recipe for Kachapuri Peppers ) But this one didn't hit the spot for me. I thought it was a lot of effort for not much pay off and there are much more delicious and easy recipes for salad available. Don't get me wrong, was very tasty, but I think I was expecting more, especially from the cashews which are supposed to be the stars of the show. Distinctly average for me 6/10 "

6.5/10 Gasps


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