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Quadruple chocolate cookies |

If you're looking for an excuse to treat yo'self, these chocolate cookies are the place to start. Complete with a caramel chocolate and Nutella inside, you really can't go wrong in this absolutely indulgent treat. Recipe from Sorted Food and Topped with Cinnamon

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Makes: 10 cookies


55g butter

175g light brown sugar

1 egg

27g cocoa powder

pinch of salt (plus extra for sprinkling)

heaped 1/4tsp baking powder

130g plain flour

100g chocolate chips (milk or dark)

4tbsp nutella

10 caramel filled chocolates (or a chocolate bar with caramel filling)

1. You go Willy Wonko!

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Get these chocolatey delights started by first melting your 55g of butter in a saucepan. Turn off the heat and then stir in 175g of brown sugar (how come you taste so good?), beating until a little lighter.

Normally I make this recipe totally in a saucepan which will make it a tonne easier (and save on the washing up) but if you're going to do that wait a little for the pan to cool before you add the egg, no scrambles here please and thank you.

Next, add in the 27g cocoa powder, a pinch of salt and a heaped 1/4tsp baking powder mixing it nicely together.

After this add in the flour and stir until well combined. At this point it will start to be more like a cookie dough and may be more difficult to mix.

Sprinkle in your chocolate chips and stir well to ensure they're well distributed

2. Shapin' Stevens is that you?

Move aside Michelangelo there's a new sculptor in town (I've literally just learnt that his name isn't Mr. Michel Angelo...That's just his first name?! I've been to Florence and seen David, how did I not know that?!) Time to start building your Renaissance masterpieces by taking 1tbsp of dough and pushing a slight dent in with your finger. Add 1/2tsp of Nutella and then a caramel filled chocolate on top to each cookie. This process is shown below, but at the end each cookie should have nutella and caramel chocolate inside.

Next, take another tablespoon of dough, flatten it out and place that on top, sealing around the edges. Once all your cookies are assembled give them a good sprinkle of salt, flaky salt or Maldon if you have it.

Bake for 8-10 minutes and leave to cool slightly before dinking and sinking!

Food for Thought

Lizzy says: "These have been a recipe Kate has wanted to show me for a long time (either that or she's wanted to gasp it to justify making herself another batch of these cookies...) They were lot quicker to make than I expected, given all of the ingredients. And the small amount of washing up was bliss! These really hit the spot as a very indulgent snack as well, especially as was feeling very hormonal. Perhaps they will become a monthly indulgence.. 10/10"

Kate says: "I used to be an avid Sorted food watcher around the time this original video came out, but I'm happy to say I've got super into them again recently. Despite not watching them for a while, this cookie recipe has been in my rotation for about ten years and is a great way to make friends because you do not want to make a batch of these just for yourself. When I was studying these were a firm favourite of pretty much everyone, which is understandable when you see the ingredients in them! I have nothing to complain about, totally over the top, ridiculous and incredibly sweet 10/10 "

10/10 Gasps


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