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New year Dumplings |

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with some little purses of sweetness. This recipe for sweet fried dumplings is from Healthly Nibbles and Bits.

Prep time: 1 hour

Cooking time: 20 mins

Makes: 25


75g sweetened coconut flakes

70g peanuts

22g sesame seeds

1.5tbsp granulated sugar

25 circular dumpling wrappers

80g nuetral oil

1. Don't just coast, toast!

Get these dumplings rolling by toasting 70g peanuts in a dry pan on medium heat for a few minutes. Once they have gone a golden brown remove from the pan and chop into small pieces.

In the same pan add 22g sesame seeds and toasted until golden.

Add both the peanuts and the sesame seeds to a medium bowl and add in 75g coconut flakes and 1.5tbsp granulated sugar. Give it a taste to see if it is sweet enough. If you can't snacking on it, that is a good sign!

2. Start your professional rapping career

Set up a small bowl of water and a tray lined with greaseproof paper, with a tea towel ready to cover it.

Drag a wet finger over the edge of half the dumpling wrapper. Add 1tbsp of the nutty filling.

Seal the damp edge of the wrapper with the dry edge. Damp the outside edge and crimp it shut.

Set the finished dumpling on the lined baking sheet and cover it with the tea towel to stop it from drying out.

Repeat this step with the remaining 24 dumplings - or until your filling runs out.

3. Fry-nally

Add enough nuetral oil to a saucepan so that the dumplings can float in it, like a sensory deprivation tank for food. Heat it to a medium hot heat. You will know it's hot enough when a chopstick bubbles lightly when it is stuck into the oil.

Once the oil has heated up add as many dumplings in as will fit.

Once they have golden bottoms, flip those bad boys over and cook on the other side. Once this side is similarly golden (the dumplings take about 1 minute on each side), remove the dumplings and leave to de-oil on some kitchen roll.

Plate alluringly. Before you take your first bite, give them a shake and hear that purse like rattle.

Dink and sink!

Food for Thought

Lizzy says: "I saw these on instagram and was convinced that they would be the most glorious start to the new year. The filling was delicious and I snacked on it throughout the making process. However, the final result was far too dry and the filling rattled round (what I imagine a death rattle to sound like) in the hollow fried case. Overall, these were like an inferior version of atayef. 5/10"

Kate says: "Do you want a pastry that will have its fillings fall out on you like a purse with loose change?Then this is the one for you. I did not like these at all, they were like a dry empty version of the Qatayef we made for Ramadan last year. And once you've had the Queen of nutty pastries, you're not going to settle for the princess. Perhaps there were things that could be done to make these more delicious (i.e. not buying the wrong dumpling wrappers like I did) but they were not the one for me 2/10 "

3.5/10 Gasps


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