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Mushkraut Dumplings |

Mushrooms, and sauerkraut join forces here to create an unforgettable Christmas dish (but for the right reasons...?) We follow this easy pierogi Recipe from Polish your Kitchen

Prep time: 30 mins

Cooking time: 30 mins

Makes: 20 dumplings



1/2 small onion

120g mixed mushrooms (We used button and portobello mushrooms, but whatever you have lurking in the fridge should work)

190g sauerkraut

75ml vegetable sock

Black pepper

1tbsp butter


450g flour

1tsp salt

1 egg

300ml warm water

(MAKES DOUBLE THE DOUGH YOU NEED, Make cherry pierogis with the rest or freeze for another time)

1. Are you a fungi?

Chop up your 1/2 a small onion and grate (much to the dismay of your cooking counterpart) your 120g of mushrooms (you can always chop them if you want to avoid judgement).

Add your chopped delicacies to a pan with a little butter, the 190g sauerkraut (with some juice), 75ml vegetable stock and a good grind of black pepper to a pan. Sauté on a low heat until well combined and the mushrooms are cooked. Stir through the butter at the end until it's melted. Put aside to cool.

2. Dough dough dough, Merry Christmas!

Add all the dough ingredients (450g flour, 1tsp salt, 1 egg, 300ml warm water) to a bowl and work together, firstly with a spoon and then your peasant hands to bring it to a nice smooth dough. Put half the dough away for another time, recipe or different filling.

Once you have a beautiful smooth dough, roll it out, and cut circles . Place a little filling in the centre (you will need less than you think), wet one side with a little water using your littlest finger, fold over and crimp with a fork (as below)

Place the finished perogies on a lightly floured plate ready to await their bath.

Bring a pan of water to the boil. Place a few pierogi into a pan at a time, when they are done they will float to the top. Make sure they have not stuck themselves to the bottom of the pan by moving them round gently with a fork.

Serve warm with, yoghurt, crispy onions or whatever other toppings you see fit

Dink, sink and bring joy to the world with your imposter gasper!

Food for Thought

Lizzy says: "Hello, yes it is I, the queen of dumplings. Somehow Kate was the one who suggested this recipe - what for a recipe with mushrooms and sauerkraut I hear you cry? Well, yes, and trust me I was dubious - but this was a simple dish with a big pay off. I found the end result pickley and just the right kind of squishy. Having had the rare opportunity to sample both of our makes, however, I would say this maybe a hit or miss dish. I believe this is the sauerkraut that I used, I think maybe the carrot made it sweeter and less vinegary. Anyway, good luck and may the pierogi god's guide you well in making this 8/10 "

Kate says: "First things first, I hate mushrooms; so I’m not quite sure why I chose this recipe… I guess I thought the sauerkraut might mask some of the mushroomy flavour I dislike so much, but alas, it was just as mushroomy as ever. The dough for the recipe was lovely to work with and the pierogi were fun to shape but the filling wasn’t to my taste at all. That said, if you like mushrooms this is one for you and would be great for a lunch or light dinner. 2/10 "

5/10 Gasps


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