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Legaspy 1: Dad

Our Dad helps us to kick off the Legaspy series here on GWS. He shows us how to make his infamous Shepherd's pie (which is actually a cottage pie but that name has not stuck in our household...) and reluctantly answers our interview questions

Why is this your Legaspy?

D:It's not... [My Legaspy]

L:What is...?

D:I never said it was! YOU all said it was. I have no idea.... because you like it and you think it's good?

L: So...because it's so popular, that makes sense


Who taught you how to cook?

D: Your mother. *awkward silence and giggles* K: And someone else, I think you're forgetting someone else!

D: My mother?

K: Me! That was the first thing we made together was a cake do you remember that? D: Well there's lots of people who helped me become what I am today, I'd like to thank my parents...And Kate and Lizzy....And your mother. *laughs* L: I just remember you re-frying chips. I think that was the first time I saw you cook D: Well I cooked for your mother once, that's why she married me I impressed her so much. I made pork chop with honey on top with potatoes and vegetables K: Did you really make that for her? Wow that's impressive. L: Where did you learn that? D: I don't know I suppose there's things you just know aren't there? K: So... you're self-taught? D: Yes K: But with help from mum? D: Yes K: And me of course D: Yes....

What is a dish you can't cook but wish you could?

D: A decent curry L: Oh!What kind?

D: Lamb L: I see, like a Rogan Josh.

D: I can cook curries, but it's getting it right. Not just the spices but the quantity, how long it's cooked for. And forget Indian restaurants because they're all biased towards a British pallet. But if you went to an Indian house it would be completely different to what you're used to. And that would be my ideal, to make an authentic Indian dish.

Who is your biggest inspiration when cooking?

D: I think my inspirations comes from lots of different things. Magazine articles, the television, your mother sometimes and even other people. So it's a combination of things.

L: Which magazines?

D: Waitrose and Tesco magazines, the Sunday Times supplement.

What do you like to listen to while you cook?

D: Myself. 2oz of this, an egg.... *laughs*

D: I listen to whatever's on. The radio, classic sometimes, Radio 2 I also do Radio 4, Radio 4 extra...... K: But do you prefer to cook in silence? D: No i like something on in the background , a bit of music normally. Classical or light music

What is the best dish you've ever eaten? D: I don't know. I don't think I can say there's a best dish that I've ever eaten L: Really?! I feel like abroad you've had dishes that you've come back and said oh this is really nice D: No... not really no. They've all been nice in their own right. But who can say what their favourite meal is? I can't. There's so many good meals that I love. K: Depends on the day D: Yeah, depends on my mood. L: I associate you with the beach, and barbecued sardines

D: Mm, that did spring to mind

L: Is there any restaurants you've been to that you would go back to. Even back in time? D: What, like the stone age period?

L: If you were around then K: The Hard Rock Cafe! *strained laughter* K: 'Cos of the stone age! L: Sorry would you like an applause K: Yes I would. *Everyone claps*

D: Not really no. There's lots of restaurants I haven't been to I'd like to go to, but don't ask me what they are I couldn't tell you! But would there be a place that I'd go back to? Nothing stares me in the face, so obviously there's not.

Dad's Shepherd's Pie

Ingredients 1 Onion

Beef mince


1 tin of baked beans


1 egg


1) Add oil to pot with the onion, and then add mince until it's brown with a little bit of Bisto

2) Add the tin of beans juice and all! Leave it to the side to cool slightly

3) Meanwhile boil your potatoes in a separate pan and make them into mash with a bit of butter and milk. Add an egg last when it is a little cool

4)Add the potatoes on top of the mince and spread into a layer

5) Add some cheese on top

6)Turn on the grill and grill until brown and golden on top

7)Serve with vegetables


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