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Crunchy syrup pillows |

Have you ever wanted to combine deep fried pancakes with sugar coated nuts? Then this is the recipe for you! We follow Cleobuttera's recipe to cook up some tasty treats for Ramadan

Prep time: 1.5 hours

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Makes: 12

Ingredients sugar syrup:

200g sugar

115ml water Squeeze of lemon juice

Ingredients batter:

120g plain flour

1/2tbsp sugar

1/2tbsp powdered milk (or a splash of milk)

1/2tsp yeast

1/4tsp baking powder

pinch of salt

212ml warm water

Ingredients filling:

25g desiccated coconut

25g ground hazelnuts

25g raisins

1tbsp sugar

1/2tbsp butter

Vegetable oil - for frying

1. Sugar, yes please!

To make the sugar syrup, add the 200g sugar, 115ml water and a squeeze of lemon juice to a pan. Once it comes to a boil, let it bubble for ten minutes - but not for too long or it will become too hard to dip the pancakes in! Resist temptation to stir, that's going to make sugar crystals and ruin everything from the get go. Just give it the pan a shake if you think it needs it.

Once it's been boiling for 10 minutes, set to the side to cool slightly.

2. You're pancake-ing me crazy

Next up we'll make our batter for the pancake portion. Mix together the dry ingredients in a bowl (120g plain flour,1/2 tbsp sugar, 1/2tbsp powdered milk (or a splash of milk), 1/2tsp yeast,1/4tsp baking powder, pinch of salt). Careful that your teaspoon doesn't get sucked in past the event horizon of your bowl and spaghettified!

Next add the 212ml of warm water slowly (you may not need all of it), and whisk until it reaches the consistency of pancake batter. American pancakes that is - not those poncey excuses for pancakes they have in England...!

Cover with some clingfilm and leave to the side for 45 minutes. The yeast will show its satisfaction with its new home by producing a lot of bubbles on the surface. Boy, that looks like one flubbery crumpet.

After the 45 minutes give it a quick stir and then add a dash of flavourless oil to a frying pan. Add small circles of the batter to the pan (about 8cm wide) and cook until bubbles appear and they look like little crater filled moons. They will also look drier where they are cooked. Do NOT flip the pancakes. Place on a plate to cool

3. Why don't you fill me up, buttercup?

While the pancakes are cooling, mix together the 25g desiccated coconut, 25g ground hazelnuts, 25g raisins, 1tbsp sugar and 1/2tbsp (probably melted is easier) butter.

When the pancakes are cool to the touch, add a little filling in the middle. Follow Dr Sonya's advice and add just a little bit - you don't need too much or they will explode when frying. Make the full moons into crescents by pressing the edges together to encase the filling.

Place on a plate to await frying. Heat some vegetable oil in a pan - a couple of centimetres or enough to shallow fry the qatayef.

When the oil is hot enough, add the crescents in batches for their oil jacuzzi and fry for a couple of minutes on both sides until golden. Place on a plate with some kitchen towel to cool and drain the excess oil.

Slip slide those atayef into the sugar syrup (it made need rewarming quickly if its solidified a bit) and coat them in that sugary goodness.

Plate up, and dink and sink!

Food for Thought

Lizzy says: "It took some convincing for me to make this, I thought this would be an average recipe, as I'm not the biggest fan of desicated coconut. Sorry Kate! But I'm so glad we did make it! These were by far the best thing I've ever eaten - no hyperbole. They were so scrumpdidlyumptious - the dough was squishy and gently crispy and the syrup on the outside was so good. I think about making these again and again, and can't wait for Ramadan to come round for an excuse to. 10/10"

Kate says: "The first (and only) rule of GWS is that we make recipes we've never made before to try new things and push ourselves with our cooking, but I've got to be honest - I've made these before and was desperate to show Lizzy their deliciousness; So they seemed like the perfect thing to recreate for our Ramadan extravgaspna. These crunchy sweet pillows are filled with a nutty mix and dipped in a sugar syrup, they're best when still a bit warm. I honestly don't have anything bad to say about them, and I think the recipe we followed is also great. However, there are a few steps ,so make sure you are prepared for a few hours of batter making, frying and dipping. 10/10

10/10 Gasps


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