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Hello you wee timorous beastie, are you ready for Burns Night? If not then this Scottish Eton Mess (cranachan) is the perfect alternative to haggis and is whipped in 1/1000 of the time. This recipe is from Scottishscran.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: -

Makes: One large Crannich or two small'uns


40g oats

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp whisky

125g raspberries

175ml double cream

1. Oatily Dokily

Start this recipe by toasting your oats to give them a nutty hit. Put 40g oats in a frying pan and heat gently until they smell like your favourite nut (no, stop looking at your friend, they won't like that). Once toasted, put to the side to cool down.

2. Let this recipe crush and Burn

Crush 100g of raspberries with a masher and leave the other 25g aside for ganish.

Whisk 175ml until it forms peaks as stiff as the mighty highlands and then add in 1tbsp of honey and 1tbsp whisky. Taste and add more if you like whisky as much as the Scottish do.

Once the oats have cooled down to the temperature of a Scottish winter, add the majority into your whipped cream, saving a few for an oaty garnish.

3. Time to cranachstruct

In which ever glass bowl or glass you have settled on start layering the cream and rasperberries on top of each other, ending with a cream layer. Sprinkle the remaining oats over the top and plop on the raspberries you set aside.

Dink and sink!

Food for Thought

Lizzy says: "I have actually wanted to make this for a long time, and was finally spurned on by the arrival of another Burns night and a work lunch that featured other Scottish delights. The recipe was almost too easy to make and after I got over the cost of fresh raspberries (I would use frozen if I made this again!) I really enjoyed it. The end result was like a cross between bircher muesli and Eton mess, and I think I would honestly have rather had one of those two, because the combo of the oats and the cream was a little too dry for me. 5/10"

Kate says: "I have to say I am a very big fan of Eton mess, so that was going to take some beating. Unfortunately this one wasn't for me, perhaps it was the whisky or the oats but the flavours weren't my favourite. Even though the elements were to my taste, together it just didn't work. Also, making this in January probably also made a difference and I'm sure on a summer's day would be much nicer 5/10"

5/10 Gasps


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