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Aniseed milk §

This almost feels like a drink you would find in the pages of a fantasy book, but do not fear! It also exists in real life and is also a lovely warming drink for a cold winters evening. Recipe from The Dutch Table

Prep time: -

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Makes: 1 cup

Ingredients: 1 cup milk of choice

1tsp aniseed seeds

2tsp sugar or honey

1. Got milk?

Pop the cup of milk and a tsp of aniseed seeds into a saucepan and warm gently over a low heat until warm, but not boiling! No milk skin here thank you Grandma!

Add the 2tsp of sugar/honey and stir to dissolve. Give it a quick taste to see if you want it sweeter

Pour through a strainer into your mug of choice

Top with some seeds if you wish, or a random star anise which it turns out comes from an entirely different plant and also looks a bit like a spider once semi-submerged in the drink. Dink and drink!

Food for Thought

Lizzy says: "I love a flavoured milk, see my ongoing addiction to masala chai. This seemed like the ideal winter hunk milk and I was especially drawn in by how easy the recipe was. The end result was a bit weird though.... It tasted a bit like rubbers? But then I also couldn't stop drinking it? I don't think I would make it again because of the rubberiness.. 2/10"

Kate says: "Turns out, I had a cold while we made this which really kicked in to high gear once we'd finished so this was perfect to soothe my cold-riddled self on a particularly autumnal day. I used a plastic spatula to stir this though and it did have a very plasticy taste to it. I would make again if I was feeling under the weather or needed a little winter warmer 8/10"

5/10 Gasps


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