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Who needs to order coffee AND dessert when you can have this Italian hybrid? This affogato recipe is based on the ice cream recipe from Carnation.

Prep time: 15 minutes + 1 day

Cooking time: -

Makes: ~6 scoops of icecream aka 6 affogatos


300ml cream

100g condensed milk

1/2 tbsp vanilla extract Coffee

1. Whip your cream, whip it real good

This is a super breezy recipe for an emergency ice cream situation. Whip 300ml double cream to peaks.

Pour 100g condensed milk in and 1/2tbsp vanilla and let them tabog down those white peaks. Whisk again until they are both combined with the cream.

Scrape the mix into some tupperware and freeze for 4 hours or overnight until it frozen solid.

2. Impressively espress

Make yourself a small, strong coffee however you usually would (although, you will have a hoard of angry Italians wagging their fingers at you if you choose to use instant coffee grounds).

Add a scoop of your frozen icecream to a large glass or mug.

Gracefully pour over your espresso. And enjoy!

Dink and sink!

Food for Thought

Lizzy says: "I have only had affogato once before and I thought it was okay. I thought a homemade one might up the game - because everything homemade tastes better, right? Wrong. This was not a good recipe. For some reason the ice cream went really oily. I added an americano sized amount to the icecream by accident and all of the ice cream melted and I could just see a layer of oil sitting on top. I still can't figure which ingredient this oil came from??!! I would maybe make this again, but with a better quality icecream. 1/10"

Kate says: "I've got to admit, of the icey coffees we've made on here this wasn't my favourite. But it was fun to make some no churn ice-cream which was dangerously easy, although my hand slipped when adding the essence so it was also dangerously vanillaey. Not sure I would make this again but it was a fun experiment 6/10"

3.5/10 Gasps


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